Bot That Writes Wiki Articles – Semalt Expert

You may think that writing 15,000 articles in a day is not real, but it is possible for a Swede called as Sverker Johansson. Ivan Konovalov, the Semalt expert, tells that this person has successfully created a computer program that can write millions of articles. He wrote over 2.7 million Wikipedia articles and amazed the world with his tremendous work. According to the Wall Street Journal, Johansson became world's most prolific author, and his contributions have accounted for 8.5 percent Wikipedia articles.

How can bots write numerous articles?

According to Johansson, his bot is able to write hundreds to thousands of Wikipedia articles per day. He is a science teacher with advanced degrees in civil engineering, linguistics, economics, and physics. Johansson told the Wall Street Journal that his bot scrapes the information from multiple trusted resources and cobbles the material together. Most often, this software covers articles related to the taxonomy of tiny animals such as beetles and butterflies. It is also able to write stories of small towns and villages of Philippines.

The name of Johansson's bot:

Johansson's creation is called Lsjbot. This specific bot is definitely not meant to write articles for human eyes. For instance, the Associated Press announced that it would use particular robots to write hundreds of content pieces, and various news websites use bots to write news topics on a daily basis. They mainly cover stories related to finance and sports. On Wikipedia, half of all articles are edited with the help of bots. Some long-term editors of Wikipedia are not happy because non-humans have written various articles. However, Johansson defends the bot and points out that the articles it has written are accurate and up to the mark.

For instance, Lsjbot had written stub articles about the towns of Basey, Philippines. When the Typhoon Yolanda hit that village and caused deaths, lots of people were able to visit the stubs and rescued a large number of victims.

How does Lsjbot work?

The one million articles Lsjbot wrote are accurate and to the point. This bot collects data from different sources and compiles the information in the format that will fit Wikipedia. The bot has created more than 454,000 articles so far, and half of them are in the Swedish language. The Swedish Wikipedia community learned the lesson from different conflicts regarding article-creating bots but was curious to know more about Johansson's bot. The Swedish Wikipedia editor reviewed the articles and said Lsjbot had done a good job. However, he did not permit this bot to write controversial topics as the Lsjbot was not able to feel mechanical things.

Criticism of Johansson's bot:

Lots of people criticized Johansson's bot, including Achim Raschka from German Wikipedia. He complained about the sentence structure and said that Lsjbot was not capable of writing lengthy articles. This bot uses different datasets but leaves various authentic sources behind while writing anything. The upside of the criticism is that all statements of articles did not support proper references. It means that Lsjbot was supposed to add plenty of references to Wikipedia. With this bot, it's becoming easier to create a large number of articles. But we still need human editors and writers to help clarify the things.